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Whether you want to recover faster from a physical ailment or improve your flexibility and mobility, turn to us at Ex-Tensions of Boca Raton.  We are the ultimate muscle stretching facility! We have all the necessary equipment & techniques to help you achieve your wellness goals. Additionally, our team is skilled in providing non-medical solutions that suit your body’s conditions & needs!


Vibration Therapy

Do you want to improve your athletic performance, but you don’t have a lot of time for a long workout?  Our personalized vibration therapy program uses a state-of-the-art vibrating platform that challenges the stability of your body and increases your muscle strength. It promotes the reflexive engagement of the soft tissues in your body, and it creates reflexive responses in the exact, targeted muscle fibers.

Compared to the traditional methods, vibration therapy can provide incredible health benefits within a shorter time frame. When you stand on the vibrating machine, a sequence of timed vibrations will target certain body parts—stimulating your muscles to contract and relax just like how they do during a strenuous exercise. After a session, you may experience an improvement in your sense of balance, mobility, stability, as well as overall strength and motor control.


Myofascial Release

Rely on our trained Stretch Technicians to help you eliminate pain and treat muscle immobility through myofascial release (SMR). We will focus on the neural and fascial systems in the body, which are the ones that can be negatively influenced by poor posture, repetitive motions, or dysfunctional movements.

Fascia is a sheet or band of connective tissue, mainly collagen, found beneath the skin. It attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates your muscles and other internal organs.

When you are in a normal, healthy state, your fascia is relaxed and wavy in configuration. However, if you experience overexertion, scarring, inflammation, or trauma, your fascia loses its pliability. To restore the tissue of your body, our team will be teaching you some myofascial release techniques and movements that you can do on your own at home with a foam roller. 


Static Stretching

Static stretching is also a great method to achieve better flexibility and mobility. To do this, our team guides you in using our stretch cage apparatus. This apparatus allows you to do comprehensive stretching, allowing you to lengthen your muscles and achieve a better and more extensive range of motion.


Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

Having a flexible body is very important! If your muscles are well-stretched, then you will be able to move more freely, perform your daily tasks comfortably, and prevent the possibility of injury!

One of the best ways to enhance your flexibility is by doing Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching. This precise technique engages the nervous system by producing a series of contractions and relaxations that maximize the flexibility of your muscles. To properly execute this technique, you can count on our Stretch Technicians to guide you through the process!


Breaking the Cumulative Injury Cycle

Sometimes, when our body repetitively experience mechanically stressful actions, it initiates a repair process called the cumulative injury cycle.  This condition happens when the consistent pressure on our muscles, ligaments, and other body parts is recognized as an injury.  As a result, our body will undergo the cycle, following a path of inflammation, muscle spasms, and the development of soft tissue adhesion. Eventually, this process can lead to altered neuromuscular control and muscle imbalance, as well as vertebral subluxation.

These adhesions reduce the elasticity of the soft tissues, and they can cause a permanent change in the soft tissue structure, commonly referred to as Davis’s Law.  To stop this cycle and to restore optimal muscular activation, reach out to us!  We will use the most suitable wellness techniques for you to break up the adhesions and produce bodily comfort!



One  Thirty (30) Minute Session: $40.00

Eight Thirty (30) Minute Sessions: $312.00

Twelve Thirty (30) Minute Sessions: $462.00


One Sixty (60) Minute Session: $75.00

Five Sixty (60) Minute Sessions: $370.00

Ten Sixty (60) Minute Sessions: $740.00


One Ninety (90) Minute Session: $105.00

Five Ninety (90) Minute Sessions: $500.00

Ten Ninety (90) Minute Sessions: $1,000.00

The Fine Print

Package sessions are month-to-month.
Sessions expire after thirty (30) days.
Session NOT used in thirty days do not carry over to the following month.
Consultation session, first 30 minute session, is not included in package session rate.


"Over the last 6 years I have trained with Anthony 3 times a week.  
He always started each session  asking how I feel, listening and then planned our workout accordingly.  His encouragement, patient, and enthusiastic train style has always kept me motivated and accomplishing 
goals I thought were beyond my reach.  He has always put safety first, never pushing beyond what I was physically capable of, but knowing how to push just enough to keep me progressing forward."
Carole B.

"My experience training with Anthony has changed my life with regard to fitness, wellness and overall well-being.  His focus on tailoring workouts to my individual needs and lifestyle has helped me reach goals that I never thought possible.  Anthony’s solid foundation of knowledge has made me feel comfortable with challenging my body in a way that was realistic for my own personal success.  His use of different tools & techniques enhanced our training beyond expectations. This approach helped me to learn what my body needed and how best to achieve my physical & mental goals with positivity that will remain with me for the rest of my life.  For me, it’s about looking your best, but more importantly, about feeling your best - and that’s what Anthony has done for me!"
Merri S.

"I have been Anthony's client for the past two years.  I had a past injury from tennis, and needed to make my body strong to get back to tennis and avoid further injury.  Anthony introduced me to foam rolling my body.  I have NOT been stretching my body throughout my life, so it was painful in the beginning.  I worked very hard at rolling every day, warming & stretching my body 30 minutes before our hour training sessions.  As I continued my weekly training sessions with Anthony, I felt my body getting stronger- rolling became part of my every day life!  I have now been back to tennis injury free for a year!  I keep rolling every day or two- it makes all the difference!  I believe rolling has helped fight aging for me!

Believe in Anthony- he will change your body for the best!"

Nancy S. (62 years of age)

"I trained with Anthony two times times per week privately and once a week in a TRX class.  Anthony carefully assessed my weaknesses and complimented my strengths.  He always knew when to push me to reach my full potential and when to stop me before I lost form.  Anthony was very motivational and always knew how to make me believe in myself.  I miss Anthony- and all his other clients do!  But we know we've made a friend for life and look forward to making trips to Boca to get our much-needed tune-ups from Anthony!"

Carol A.

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